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Watch Tokyo ghoul Season 3 Episode 1 Online English Subbed

Tokyo Ghoul Re Season 3 Episode 1 Online English Subbed


Title: “START: Those Who Hunt”.

Date of Air: April 3, 2018.

Episode No – 1.

Producer: television series by Studio Pierrot 

Short Synopsis : – 

(Source Wikipedia) :-

Quinx squad leader Kuki Urie and his frustrating underling Ginshi Shirazu are surveying Tokyo in search of the ghoul serial killer Torso, who has been killing women and eating their torsos but leaving the rest of their bodies. Eventually, they meet with photographer Chie Hori, who gives them valuable information in exchange for the underpants of senior Quinx Haise Sasaki. Hinami, now an Aogiri Tree member, warns Torso to be careful because they are close to catching him. Learning that the culprit is a taxi driver, Toru Mutsuki discovers him and is brutally attacked in his car. However, this allows Ginshi and Urie to locate the killer and lure him into a roadblock trap. While they face the killer, however, a mysterious and exceptionally strong ghoul named Orochi attacks, massacring all of the officers maintaining the roadblock, and allowing the taxi driver to escape. Sasaki appears and faces Orochi, but then suffers a hallucination of Ken Kaneki telling him to “accept” him in order to kill Orochi brutally. Sasaki then unleashes his kagune

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