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Watch Tokyo ghoul Season 3 Episode 2 Online English Subbed

Tokyo Ghoul Re Season 3 Episode 2 Online English Subbed


Title: “member: Fragments”.

Date of Air: April 10, 2018.

Episode No – 2.

Producer: television series by Studio Pierrot 

Short Synopsis : – 

(Source Wikipedia) :-

When Sasaki removes Orochi’s mask during their fight he is shocked to see the face of Nishio underneath, who calls him “Kaneki”, prompting his memories to flicker back and forth and drive him insane. To prevent Sasaki from killing his fellow CCG agents, Akira Mado tranquilizes him. After returning to his senses, Sasaki demotes Urie for endangering his squadmates and promotes Ginshi to Quinx Squad leader. Sasaki then spars with Kisho Arima, before telling him that he was worried that the memories of his past self “Kaneki” were returning and that they might drive him away from his family with the Quinx Squad. Later, Torso meets with The Rabbit (Ayato Kirishima), to become a member of Aogiri Tree. Sasaki, Ginshi, and Mutsuki then begin investigating a ghoul nicknamed “Nutcracker” who has been crushing the testicles of her victims and stop by in the coffee shop: re. While at the shop, Sasaki recognizes and is recognized by Touka. After tasting the coffee she makes for him, he begins to cry, subconsciously recalling his time at Anteiku. He then thinks to himself that he had never before seen anyone so beautiful.

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