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Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 5 Dubbed | Watch Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Online

Tokyo Ghoul Re Season 3 Episode 5 Online English Dubbed


Title: “PresS: Night of Scattering”.

Date of Air: May 1, 2018.

Episode No – 5.

Producer: television series by Studio Pierrot 

Short Synopsis : – 

(Source Wikipedia) :-

Takizawa, revealed to be former Investigator Takizawa, now a crazed one-eyed ghoul, slaughters an entire squad of CCG operatives, while another squad is killed by Nutcracker. Meanwhile, Sasaki and the Quinx Squad face off against Kanae, who furiously blames him for Tsukiyama’s reduced mental state, but is critically injured and rescued by a mysterious ghoul named Matsumae. Big Madam and the other auctioneers are attacked by Suzuya and Urie, but mid-way through the fight, Urie is critically injured and swallowed by Big Madam. The episode ends with Takizawa leaping from above and attacking Sasaki, who is forced by his superiors to fight the SS-rated one-eyed ghoul alone.

Detailed Synopsis :-

Tooru was last seen roaming around the corridors, as he was wounded by Kanae von Rosewald during an encounter. Kanae confronts Tooru again, and realizes that his wound has been healed, meaning that his master will eat him over and over again. He attacks him, but in the midst of their confrontation, he was saved by Haise. Haise, Urie, and Shirazu fight Kanae, while Saiko defends Tooru from further injuries.

In the meantime, the Atou Squad has encountered Seidou Takizawa, who briefly decapitates Atou. Ryuuta eagerly attacks Takizawa, however he didn’t receive any damage and he got decapitated by Seidou. The squad members were taken out one by one while escaping, leaving Hina and Shougo as the only squad members surviving.

The Ooshiba Squad has reached the control room, but they find no one there. They encountered Nutcracker while investigating the area. Outside the Zeum Hall, Akira has severely wounded Naki with the use of her Fueguchi. She tells Naki that his power has weakened ever since they fought each other, leaving him speechless. Miza, on the other hand, convinces Akira to prevent killing Naki, but however, she refuses and attacks her instead. As Naki is about to get killed by an Ukaku-quinque Investigator Squad, Gagi and Guge sacrificed their lives to protect their leader, leading him to burst into tears.

In the Auction Hall, Ayato and Juuzou kept on fighting, then Hinami calls him over to tell him that they need reinforcements for the outside force. However, Ayato refuses due to his objective to protect Big Madam. Both Ayato and Juuzou retreated shortly after.

While the Quinx Squad is busy fighting Kanae, Urie manages to incapacitate him but is saved by Matsumae, and they somehow escaped. Meanwhile, Ooshiba dies by Nutcracker after planting her kagune to the roof, and she attacks the rest of the squad. Hayashimura was wounded by Nutcracker, and ends up falling outside the window, but survived in the process. Shirazu tries to break through the wall created by Matsumae using his Ukaku, then Matsuri informs them that the Ooshiba Squad was wiped out, and asks the rest of the Quinx Squad to take down Nutcracker, while Tooru and Urie will try to locate the rest of the ghouls in the area.

Hina and Shougo were cornered in the women’s bathroom, and Takizawa eats a human. Both of them felt scared, and Takizawa understands their feeling that they were scared. Hina realizes that the ghoul was Takizawa, and Takizawa recognizes her, but she is killed in the process, leaving Shougo’s whereabouts unknown.

In the stage, Tooru and Urie both found a secret passageway leading to the theater’s basement. They also saw Juuzou, and realize that he snuck in. Urie and Juuzou directly attacked the Auction guests and Aogiri members, while Tooru fights the Aogiri members confronting him.

Hirako and the rest fight Uta and the Clowns, while Takeomi was confronted by Ganbo, but he kills him with his bare hands. Urie uses his kagune against every single evacuee, and loses his control while using it. Urie confronts Big Madam, but is easily defeated. Tooru manages to catch up, but sees Urie about to be gulped up by Big Madam.

The rest of the Quinx Squad managed to find Hayashimura, but is confronted by Takizawa. Haise engages in battle by activating his kagune, while Shirazu and Saiko continued on with Hayashimura to find Nutcracker.

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